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​​Rent the Altona Grange Hall​​

Our purpose is to preserve and improve the historic Grange building and create a meaningful rural community center. We use the money earned through rentals and fundraising to serve this purpose. Freshly painted with newly finished floors, Altona Grange Hall #127 has the charm of a historic hall with all of the modern amenities for hosting a variety of events: party, concert, play, meeting, recital, dance, seminar, wedding or ???​​​  Contact us and let us know what event you are planning. 

720-359-7685 or rentals@altonagrange.org


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Main Hall:  circa 1895, 50' X 24', Hardwood floor, movable vintage theater seats

Stage:  at west end of main hall, raised two ft. from hall floor, circa 1945, 16' X 29', wood floor, variable lighting

Kitchen: Below ground level, 66' X 24', linoleum floor, double-oven range, refrigerator, freezer.

Guest Capacity:  100 persons

Music:  We're sorry, we no longer allow DJ's.  But we encourage our rental customers to hire a live band, or use Ipod and speaker system for music.  The Altona Grange Hall has great natural acoustics.  Only acoustic music is allowed outside, and must not continue past sunset.

Liquor:  Wine, beer and spirits are allowed at Altona Grange.  The renter takes full responsibility for their guests' behavior.

Included in the Rental:​​​

Seating: 73 metal folding chairs, 60 wooden theater seats, total 133
Tables:   28 rectangular tables

Cleaning & Paper Supplies

Outside Amenities: Large concrete patio area, Parking for 75 vehicles, Stunning view of the foothills.


IMG_0473s.jpgIMG_0468s.jpgIMG_0905s.jpg IMG_0906s.jpg   June 27, 2008 018s.jpg  June 27, 2008 022s.jpg

To determine availability please visit our Rental Calendar​.

To make arrangements to rent or see the Altona Grange Hall,

please contact Laurie at 720-359-7685 or send your inquiry to rentals@altonagrange.org.


Hall Diagram

Diagram of Hall.pdf


Altona Grange Rental Rates​

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Check our Calendar for open dates​


Rental Agreement​​​

Download and print out the Rental Agreement​



Please send Rental Agreements to:

Altona Grange #127

PO Box 28

Hygiene, CO  80533



Rental pricing is determined by day of the week & the duration of the event. See our Rental Rate Schedule above.  Half day, hourly or recurring rentals are available for recurring classes or meetings.  A damage and key deposit is also required on the day of the event.  ​