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Sponsorship Opportunities​​​​


The money collected from our sponsors supports all Altona Grange restoration efforts, fundraising events & free community programs such as a Fire Preparedness Workshop and Agricultural programs.

5,000 people pass through the Grange Hall doors every year

They come to our historic site in the country to hear and play great music; they rent the Hall for weddings, graduations, family reunions, neighborhood meetings, and classes; they come for Grange-sponsored Agricultural Education Programs; and members come together to share their interests in sustaining a rural lifestyle and historic restoration.

We advertise all of our events in the Times Call, the Daily Camera, and via email and flyers. Additionally the "Grass at the Grange" concert series, sponsored in collaboration with the Colorado Bluegrass Society, is advertised to 1,000 newsletter subscribers.​

Our Friends and Sponsors:
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Become a sponsor of Altona Grange

$400 Patronage​​​

Your $400 donation gives your business:

Permanent advertising at the Grange Hall, a link to your business on our website, and honorable mention on all advertising and at all live events.

​​​​Two tickets to each of the five upcoming concerts is an added bonus.​

To discuss how your business can support the Grange efforts, please contact Laurie Fidao 303.443.3099 or​ email us at​ rentals@altonagrange.org.